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Pueblo Earns Bronze at ACF Competition

    On November 17, 2012 the Art Institute of Colorado in Denver hosted the 2012 ACF Student Team Culinary Competition. Teams competing included The Art Institute, Colorado Mountain College, The Escoffier School, WCCC from Grand Junction, and Pueblo Community College – whose coaches and students just happen to be part of the Pikes Peak Chapter ACF.
For those new to the Chapter every year the student teams compete one classical dish along with three other courses of their choice. This year’s classical dish was Escoffier’s #3189 Poulet Sauté Bercy which is a sauté of chicken with chipolatas (little sausages), swimming in a wonderful bercy sauce made by deglazing with wine, and adding meat glaze, sautéed mushrooms, and parsley. In addition the team chose the following dishes to compete:

Pan Seared Bass with Risotto Style Potatoes and Pomegranate Beurre Rouge
    Roasted Beet and Goat Cheese Salad with Champagne Vinaigrette
    Escoffier #3189 Poulet Sauté Bercy, Potato Croquettes, and Broccolini
    Pumpkin Panna Cotta with Cranberry Basil Glaze and Pecan Tuilles

    The team had two returning members from 2011, Debra Bushell who completed the Pan Seared Fish Appetizer, and Shane Sexton who completed the Poulet Sauté classical dish. New to the team was Team Captain, Mary Lere who was an assistant for last year’s team and completed the Pumpkin Panna Cotta. Also Adria Sheaks completed the Roasted Beet Salad and Alternate Gilbert “Sterling” Ortiz kept a great watch on assisting and clearing dishes. Bernadine Ortiz was this year’s assistant helping with all phases including organization and making sure the display area was clean and ready for the culinary display. The team worked as a unit in the sausage making and all of their dishes were plated and presented on time, within the window allowed for presentation. All combined earning them the Bronze Medal this year.
The team is deeply grateful for all the work Coach Ben Bedard put into this year’s competition and is extremely proud to have worked under his tutelage. Culinary Department Chair, Carol Himes said that she was just so happy that the students had the opportunity to compete in this venue and that whether they earned a medal or not she was sure the experience would enhance their learning.
    The team would also like to give special thanks to: Chefs Ben Bedard, John Jakeman, Ed Tracey, Tom Rose, and James Cowdery.
    Also: Carol Himes, Carey DeWitt, Susan Perryman, Deb Schmidt, Karen Graves, Tracy Thielemier and all the assistants from the Culinary Arts Club.
    Congratulations to the Pueblo Community College Bronze Student Team 2012! Your hard work and dedication to your craft paid off and we are all so proud of you!